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UNO Transportation Institute

Bethany Stich, Carol Short

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Whether by boat, car, plane or train, arrivals to the transportation industry differ person to person. Carol Short’s father started a family tradition by working in the railroad industry, followed by her sons in maritime, while Bethany Stich started her career as a flight attendant awestruck by the complexities of moving people and goods.

“Transportation is not traditionally a field young people are exposed to or know much about,” says Carol. “It’s important to us that we raise awareness about the opportunities this industry provides.”

Bethany and Carol lead the UNO Transportation Institute (UNOTI), providing educational, service, and research initiatives around passenger and freight systems. The Institute promotes innovative policies and practices for users and providers of transportation through academic programs, theoretical and applied research, outreach activities, and strategic partnerships with both public and private sectors.

“Not many people realized how fun and engaging the transportation industry could be until the pandemic hit—all the sudden, everyone wanted to understand the supply chain and where their toilet paper and Christmas presents were,” says Bethany. “People now understand how important transportation is, from the truck driver to the train master to the port director. Increased time outside also brought new appreciation for sidewalks and bike lanes.”

Bethany and Carol established an inclusive, caring, and supportive environment where learning flourishes through traditional coursework and applied research. The Institute developed Louisiana’s first Master of Science in Transportation degree program.

With outreach as a main function, UNOTI works with local, national, and international industry organizations. Individually, both women are also involved with local non-profits.

UNO Transportation Institute
2000 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans

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