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Louisiana Children’s Museum

Tifferney White | Chief Executive Officer


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With a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Tifferney White was well on her way to becoming a Psychiatrist when she decided to work for a year at Discovery Place Science, a science museum in Charlotte, NC. After facilitating hands-on STEM experiences for children who would not otherwise have exposure to the museum or its content, Tifferney found a new path.

“I saw myself in these young people,” she says. “Without someone like me making STEM real for them in their everyday lives, they would most likely never consider STEM careers. It is difficult to be what you can’t see.”

Tifferney learned early in life to value education and strive for excellence. A first-generation college student, Tifferney navigated her way through two degrees before pursuing an Executive MBA while CEO and President at Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas. In 2018, she received a National Society of Black Engineers Transforming STEM: Charlotte Trailblazers Award.

“Early childhood learning is critical to the successful development of our children—85 percent of the brain develops before age three and nearly 90 percent by age 5,” says Tifferney. “We have an obligation to optimize learning during this critical period of time, and exposure to STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—is critical for sending innovators and critical thinkers into STEM careers.”

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is a community-focused organization, and Tifferney is likewise community-minded. She has volunteered with Junior League of Las Vegas and Charlotte, Girl Scouts of America, and other organizations. Professionally, Tifferney serves on the board of the Association of Children’s Museums and the Awards Committee of the Association of Science and Technology Centers.

Louisiana Children’s Museum
15 Henry Thomas Drive, New Orleans


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