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Kimee Nass

Co-founder - Avexon

Founded in 2018 by Kimee and Ted Nass, Avexon is a dynamic, women owned IT solutions provider based and born in New Orleans that has exploded into the industry with a passion derived from its founder.

“I didn’t want to take the safe path. So, when we saw an opportunity to start our own company, we leaped at the chance,” says Nass. “It has been a joy and a wonderful challenge exceeding our wildest expectations.”

With a team-based approach that has led to consistent growth from the organization’s inception, Kimee Nass credits their success to direct involvement in solutioning, marketing, and operational efforts.

“I have always wanted to make an impact by creating a prosperous, effective, and welcoming work environment where employees want to be every day,” says Nass. “People commit a lot of time to an organization and deserve to be treated with fairness, trust, and professionalism.”

Avexon prides itself on delivering tailored IT solutions, a bespoke mentality that connects real time solutions to each client’s unique needs and desires. By emphasizing a solution-driven approach over standard sales cycles for its customers and establishing itself as a leader in the cybersecurity field Nass has created a pipeline for success, increasing productivity not just through automation, but through empowering a knowledgeable and proactive workforce.

“I know technology impacts everything. It determines how we carry out simple daily tasks but should be safe and accessible for all generations and user levels,” says Nass.

Offering cutting edge innovation toward a stressless digital transformation for your business, Kimee Nass is prepared and ready to be a leader in this brave new world.

Avexon // // 504-218-8664

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