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Heather Matthews

Executive Director - The Arc of Greater New Orleans

The newly appointed head of The Arc of Greater New Orleans, Heather Matthews, is where she was always meant to be. A 70-year-old institution created to serve and provide cradle-to-grave services for people with intellectual and Developmental disabilities and their families, The Arc of Greater New Orleans is more vital than ever, and Heather knows well the importance of programs and support for such families.

“I grew up with siblings with developmental disabilities, and even as a child, I fought for all people to be included at school, work, and social settings,” says Matthews, “People with developmental disabilities are no different than the rest of us and should have the same opportunities to thrive and succeed.”

The Arc of Greater New Orleans is a lifeline for thousands. It provides extensive support for local families in their homes, at work, and in four community centers across the region. To expand its reach and maximize its philanthropic capabilities, it requires a dedicated and passionate team of professionals.

Profoundly committed to the community, Heather also operates the Mardi Gras Recycling Program, which keeps parade throws out of the trash and our drains. The Mardi Gras Recycling Center hires people with disabilities and develops employees for other work at other jobs. Job training offers more opportunities for advancement by increasing the workforce, and the positive outcomes have a ripple effect on the community.

“I have 20 years of leadership experience and demonstrated success realizing efficiencies,” says Matthews. “Working in disabilities services since 2001, my vision is to expand The ArcGNO even further, to serve more people and provide an even richer array of services.”

The Arc of Greater New Orleans
925 Labarre Road, Metairie // 504-324-1652 //

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