‘Tech Tuesday’ Series Offers 5 Tips For Facebook Advertising And Email Marketing From Local Experts

Local social media and marketing experts gave tips about Facebook advertising and email marketing to attendees at “Tech Tuesday,” a free happy hour series hosted by Online Optimism

Presenters were Taylor Kincaid, social media director for Online Optimism and Mallory Whitfield, marketing director at LookFar. Both companies offer marketing services, including social media and email marketing to clients.
Using real-world success stories as examples, Kincaid and Whitfield explained the opportunities in social media adverting and how to capture a target audience. 

Below are five takeaways from their presentations.

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Facebook ads know more about you than you think
Business owners can (and do) use Facebook’s laser-focused demographics and user behavior to target ads to a surprisingly narrow demographic—more specific than many people realize, Kincaid said.

“You can target ads based on age, location, life events, job titles—even location data to target people visiting a new city to get walk-in clients,” she said. 

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Know your campaign objective
There are three main types of Facebook ad campaigns: Brand awareness, consideration campaign and call to action, Kincaid said.

“New businesses want to get brand awareness and make people more likely to be interested in them later and common metrics are audience reach and how many people are seeing your ads,” Kincaid said. “A ‘consideration campaign’ can range from sending people to a business website and clicks to a website. This ad is more specific to pulling people in and pushing things like sales—a lot of e-commerce and sales people use it.”

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A ‘call to action’ is intended to push the audience to do an action, to either sign up or buy something with a click built into the ad. 

"Try to stick with one call to action,” Kincaid said. "You don’t want to over overwhelm or confuse your audience."


While Constant Contact may be the most widely-known email marketing service, MailChimp is a free email marketing service with a host of added services, Whitfield said. MailChimp sends email blasts to up to 2,000 people for free, perfect for small businesses. 

“They have automation services that automatically thanks first-time customers or you can send people an email reminding them they have something left in their virtual cart,” Whitfield said. “I recommend automated message for everyone. Very easy templates let you drag and drop photos and products into emails for customers to purchase immediately.”


Create value in email marketing
How do you get customers or clients to open your email? Sending deals and incentives to email lists or sending people special offers puts value in email marketing, Whitfield explained. “You can also convey news or be a regular resource,” Whitfield said. For example, to market to tech startups, send an email with high level news or upcoming tech events. Send emails regularly—one every two weeks is ideal. 

“You should create a regular resource so that customers trust and remember your brand,” Whitfield said.


Test, test, test
The key to success in social media advertising and email marketing is constantly learning and tweaking to get it right.
“In emails, I’ll try a new series like a Q&A’s with a company president or a shout out to people who shared things on Instagram about a business,” Whitfield said.

For Facebook ads, Kincaid said, “Try different ways to create an ad – Facebook ads have many moving parts that effect ad performance. If people aren’t responding, you need to narrow down your demographic.”

Focus on the specific segment of the audience that is responding to ads, Kincaid said. Try several ads to see which ones get the highest audience rate and constantly check metrics. 

“If a lot of people are seeing your ad, but you’re not getting results, maybe your strategy is off-base,” Kincaid said.

Facebook ads have built-in tools to help businesses with these metrics, although deciphering the results might take some work.

“You want a high click-through rate to know you are reaching the right people,” Kincaid said. “It takes a lot of work and constant learning to get it right, but it’s valuable for businesses to reach exactly who they want to reach.”


The final Tech Tuesday of the series will be held on Dec. 19 at 5 :30 p.m. Online Optimism, 1100 St. Andrews. The speaker will be Sam Olmsted, Online Optimism's search and content director who will outline the basics of blog writing for businesses to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He will be followed by Vice President of ARPR, Blair Broussard, who will share her insight on the future of public relations.
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– By Jenny Peterson, Associate Editor, Biz New Orleans



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