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“An entrepreneur sees opportunity within a challenge and takes advantage of it.”

High-level executive work doesn’t have to come with a physical cost

Excelling at any role requires dedication of the mind and spirit, but for executives who spend more than half of their days sitting hunched over a desk or keyboard, excellence can also take a physical toll.

Recognizing the long-term effects that muscle imbalances and dysfunction could have not only on himself, but also on his peers and their employees, Matt Peale founded Athlete in the Game of Life, a customized program that that helps executives executives improve their health and quality of life. It’s not a weight loss program or sports performance training: instead, Athlete in the Game of Life enables participants to create healthy habits that will immediately benefit their range of motion and will stimulate neuroplasticity during the aging process.

During the onset of COVID-19 and related stay-at-home orders, Peale’s program became more relevant than ever, as more and more people struggled to remain physically active while confined to their homes. Luckily, Peale was ready to adapt and make the most of the unexpected opportunity, allowing him to both expand his clientele and to help more professionals avoid the pains that come with extended work hours.

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In what ways are you thriving and pushing forward as a business during COVID-19?

Athlete in the Game of Life was started partly as a response to the new environment of working from home on video conference calls. Business owners, executives and professionals were forced to transition into this new format of meetings, presentations and communications with their staff while running their companies. I saw an opportunity to provide a solution to pains in a person’s hips, lower back, shoulders and neck caused by sitting for long hours. Staying constantly connected in your living room brings a whole new set of problems to life. You can’t truly ‘clock out’ and leave. By creating an online coaching program to work with successful executives and professionals on pain reduction and prevention, these people can work more effectively in their demanding careers.

What has been your experience with the change to remote working?

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My usual method of working with clients is hands-on and face-to-face in a health club or gym. It’s been that way in the fitness industry forever. Only seeing someone through a screen and not having close contact is unusual for fitness sessions. An entrepreneur sees opportunity within a challenge and takes advantage of it. Now, I use this new platform to expand the number of clients I can make a positive impact on. I’m genuinely excited for this new venture and process in changing the lives of some of the most well-respected executives and professionals across New Orleans, Louisiana, and the nation. People overall are more open to video communications than ever before. As in other previous crises, the businesses and entrepreneurs who can pivot the fastest are the ones who become the leaders and trendsetters.

Do you anticipate your business will change in any way when the community opens back up? If so, how?

An enhanced service level in my coaching program, Compete as an Athlete in the Game of Life, is to meet a few times in a year in small group settings. Being isolated and stuck behind a camera becomes stale for humans, and we crave face-to-face interaction. Having this option for those that seek a more VIP experience as we reopen adds more value to what the program already brings solely online. Having multiple options on how to interact and get the best results creates more opportunity and excitement for clients looking for that exclusive niche. I anticipate having all the options levels full by the end of summer. It starts with an online community of successful executives and professionals wanting a higher quality of life.

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