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Poppy and Mint Floral owner, Destiny Pinson talks shop… flower shop

Ten years ago, florist Destiny Pinson started working at a small retail flower store in New York City. She started there with no experience at all, just her love for flowers and pretty things. While working there, she freelanced on the weekends for a few different event floral companies, and from there she managed the first certified organic flower shop in New York.

“I have always wanted my own flower shop,” says Destiny Pinson, owner of Poppy and Mint Floral. “From the second I got my first flower job about 10 years ago! When my husband and I moved to New Orleans, I immediately applied to larger floral studios and landed a job at my favorite one.

“After working for other studios here in the city for about four years, it was officially time to branch out on my own. It was through that experience that I realized I loved the wedding end of things and vowed to start my own wedding floral business. There seemed to be a niche market that was looking for the style I had always loved, so it really was a no brainer.”

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Pinson says that she loves to develop a close relationship with her clients and keeps her workload smaller so she can provide close attention to details and a very personalized approach to wedding floral design.

 “We take on about one to two weddings a weekend, allowing us to really focus on each one,” Pinson says. “It always starts out as a client relationship, but through the process we really become friends! It is such an honor to be involved with our couples throughout the planning and preparation process. We really get to know each other and when it comes to the wedding day, I feel as if I am working with close friends, even tearing up a bit if I am lucky enough to be around for the ceremony!”

Finding the perfect space for her flower business wasn’t easy, but Pinson says her current location sort of fell into her lap in a very sweet and meaningful way.

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I started out in a small room in the back of a church in Mid-City with a small regular kitchen refrigerator, which was a wonderful starting point and a lovely experience,” she says. “However, it was so small that I could not even advertise for fear I would get a larger event and would not be able to accommodate it. When it came time to expand, our ‘adopted grandmother’ came to the rescue!”

The adopted grandmother she speaks of was Pinson’s neighbor and she says they would get together every Sunday to cook or do some sort of craft together.

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“While she taught me all sorts of random tips and tricks for house cleaning, repairs, and gardening, she had an old (800 square-foot) flower shop in Old Town Gretna, right next to her house that was vacant. When she offered for us to lease the space, of course I jumped on it! We are so thrilled with our location, having our adopted grandmother next door, the studio space itself and the adorable neighborhood surrounding.”

For someone who loves the creative and personal side of her trade, Pinson says learning the business end of things proved challenging, yet enlightening.

My biggest challenge, hands down, was the business side of things,” she says. “I love flowers and creative work of any sort, but the actual business side of things threw me for a loop in the beginning.

“When I first started, I honestly had not really given that side of things much thought. I really wanted to simply create beautiful arrangements and work with a few clients here and there. Thank goodness I have gradually learned that side of things!”

As far as current challenges go, Pinson says it’s been smooth sailing.

“I am really happy where I am at right now,” she says. “There is always the thought of expanding into different avenues, which has been on my mind, but I try to relax a bit and let things grow organically as they have up until now.”

While she does a small amount of advertising on wedding sites, referrals and social media have been the name of the game for Poppy and Mint.

“I advertise on a couple of wedding websites,” Pinson says. “But our primary business comes from referrals and social media, which has been astonishing! Our clients have a lot to do with keeping our business fresh and exciting! Each wedding is so personalized and different that we never have the same weekend twice. This keeps us energized, always looking forward to the next thing!

“I also try to find inspiration from other outlets as well. Perusing thrift stores, going to the fabric store, swooning over the vintage ribbon at Promenade, all of these fun activities do wonders to stimulate inspiration for our designs!”

Pinson says she feels fortunate to have what she describes as, amazing clients. By the time their married off, they feel like old friends to her.

“It seems that we attract such like-minded, awesome couples that we could really be good friends with all of them,” she says. “Our couples tend to be on the creative side, coming from all professions and locations. I always entertain the thought about having a party with all of our past clients. It would be such a fun party with a great group of people and everyone would get along famously!”


Learn more about Poppy and Mint on their website, and you can find Destiny’s beautiful creations on Instagram @PoppyandMint




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