New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy Shares Her Business Predictions For 2018

Cari Roy doesn’t need a crystal ball, tarot cards or tea leaves. This third generation New Orleans psychic medium, who’s been ranked the best in town by and the best in the U.S. by, tunes in to a person’s energy to access and relay information. As for predicting what’s going to happen in her beloved hometown, Roy said she has a keen connection to the Crescent City.

“I was always awestruck by the intense level of spiritual energy combined with the mysterious sense of timelessness of this city,” said Roy. “I’d have visions of having lived here in the past and living here again in the future. I think New Orleans has helped me achieve my business success. The paranormal is more accepted here, and I’m connected here.”

Roy bills herself as New Orleans’ most accurate and empathic psychic reader and medium and, for more than 20 years, has been casting her spell on her select clientele, uniting them with their dearly departed to gain comfort and closure. She said her psychic readings are like massages for the soul, and she helps clients discover what opportunities lie ahead, leads them towards peace of mind and navigates their present and their future when it comes to romance, finance, health and wealth.

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Today, Roy shares her top business predictions for 2018 with Leslie’s List readers:


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• Business in General – I truly enjoy gazing into the future of businesses. It is where I trade my title of “psychic” to that of “futurist” and use my intuition and logic together to forecast industry trends. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than to gaze my vision on to New Orleans and tune into the wonderful energy we have.

Right now we are at the height of a Renaissance, a golden age. The city and the river are literally booming around us. Ask yourself when you have ever seen the French Quarter so crowded? If you are from here your response will be never. Really, we are booming… it’s insane.

Everyone I know in this city right now is hustling and is on top of their game. The economy here is good. Just look around you and at all the eating and drinking going on here in one day. Most exciting about this year is it’s our Tricentennial, and that just amped up our mojo for success for 2018. We already have more fun than we know what to do with, and now it’s our birthday, too!

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I predict even more revelry as we go into Carnival and festival seasons. The psychic theme I get for this year is “Laissez les bons temps rouler” because I think there is going to be a lot of money flowing into the city, and we should enjoy it.


This is also a great year to take extra pride in being New Orleanians. In numerology 300 is a good number because it represents the trinity. Everything we do this year will be blessed.


• Healthcare – There is major investment going on in our medical corridor, and I don’t see that it has even begun to bear the fruits of all the work put into creating this sector of the city. I have long envisioned this area as a vibrant and growing part of our economy and that the neighborhoods that surround it are shifting to suit the needs of those who work there.

Biotech is on the rise and goes hand in hand with the success of our medical research industry growth, too. I have always felt a fast pulse on the medical industry here. There is a lot of innovation and our facilities are getting top notch again.


• 2018 Hurricane Season – This is always a touchy subject for me and every other New Orleanian. We’ve come a long way Post-K, and it’s all riding on it not happening again anytime soon. I felt really anxious the whole season of Katrina and knew something bad was going to come.

My feel is that we’ll have some weather stuff but be spared a big one, and I’m saying my rosary, like any good New Orleans girl, that we are safe and protected from another storm.

I tend to pick up more about the season when we get there, but, so far, I haven’t gotten any bad omens for this coming year, but check back with me once the season starts on June 1 and I’ll tell you what I’m feeling.


• Music and Movies – These two industries should never be underestimated. Go to Frenchmen Street or St. Claude Avenue on a Saturday night, and see all of the money that is being generated from the sheer desire to hear music. I see more and more venues opening this coming year to take advantage of the tourist and local dollars being spent on live entertainment.

The movie business is bouncing back by leaps and bounds. New Orleans is a truly wonderful place to film, and I see more big budget projects being produced here, as well as more TV.

Hollywood South isn’t dead, and we should see an uptick in productions coming in.


• Politics – We have to approach this year as a clean slate. Much has shifted, and much has changed. New Orleans has its first female mayor, and she is a powerful woman of color. There are other new faces in the mix of our local politics, too, and I feel like there is a lot of drive and energy to power change.

I don’t think this will be easy, but I feel like our incoming leadership is going to be active in creating some order in what feels broken here right now. We need to be patient, but I see people working together towards progress. We, as a city, are becoming more unified, and there are a lot of grassroots efforts going on in the neighborhoods. Perhaps nowhere else in the world takes as much pride in itself as New Orleans, and we New Orleanians will continue to bond together and grow.


• Ports – There is much power in the port and the river in general. It is the core of who and why we are New Orleans. I get awed by the big business growth I see. In the future, it’s going on to build and honor our city as one of the world’s greatest ports. I see New Orleans’ port and the Mississippi River as a great hub with massive expansion coming up to accommodate growth.

Riverfront development and more vessels on the river is what I have been seeing here for years, and now it’s coming to pass. The Mississippi is getting mightier every year, and our revenue from that is growing exponentially.


• Real Estate – Our whole blueprint is growing again. Gentilly, Arabi, 7th Ward, even the East and St. Bernard are all great investments now and are on the rise. The CBD, French Quarter, Marigny, Tremé and Bywater are pretty much bought up and in development with restaurants, hotels and bars on every corner. Look along the river for big building changes as this will become more a focal point for our tourist industry, and the need for commercial/residential space will be high. The sliver on the river will become even more built up while artists and hospitality workers are buying up the more outlying areas.

I also see public transport becoming more accessible to Jefferson Parish, the Westbank and St. Bernard as those areas become more densely populated, too. I see continued growth in all areas of real estate here.


• Tech – This industry is such a bright light in our city. I saw us becoming a tech hub Pre-K and couldn’t really understand what I was seeing until now. There are so many cool tech companies here, and it’s a sector that is continuing to grow. Our tech community is acting like a magnet to draw others, and our city is casting her spell on startups as we continue to rank high as a great place to launch new business.

The CBD and St. Roch, aka Silicon Alley, are buzzing with endeavors that make us a serious player on the futuristic tech global stage. I’m always shocked that more New Orleanians aren’t aware of how big this industry is here.


• Tourism and Hospitality – It’s our Tricentennial! This is very lucky, magical and mystical for us here. Many people will be coming to celebrate with us because we know how to throw a party. Our airport is getting pretty fabulous with lots of flights coming in from everywhere as we continue to make it easier to get here. I see an influx of foreign travelers and the conference/convention business continues to rise.

More new hotels are opening and getting booked up. There are a lot of employment opportunities growing for this industry. We continue to be the number one “good time” destination and know southern hospitality better than anyone. We truly are a mecca for fun and I don’t see that diminishing.



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