Why Drone Use in Real Estate Marketing has Risen to Record Levels

In the competitive world of real estate, every edge counts. With the rise of technology, agents are constantly seeking innovative ways to market properties and attract potential buyers. One such innovation that has revolutionized the industry is the use of drones for aerial photography and videography. Chances are you’ve seen some of this footage if you’ve ever looked at a listing on sites like Zillow.

Recently, Biz reached out to a few experts to get their thoughts on the rise of drones in the industry.

Whitney Savoie of FlyGuys Nationwide Data Capture, a company that offers drone services, noted the benefits of using drone technology for both real estate agents and home buyers.

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“Drones can completely transform a Realtor’s marketing strategy,” she said. “By capturing aerial views of the property, showcasing the landscape, and highlighting surrounding areas, Realtors can provide potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the property and its surroundings.”

Savoie noted that homes displayed with aerial shots are 68% more likely to sell, and that offering prospective buyers a bird’s-eye view of the property not only enhances marketing efforts but also helps buyers establish a stronger emotional connection with the property.

Chuck Stall, a New Orleans Realtor, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the versatility of drones in showcasing various property types.

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“Drones are great for showing off large areas of vacant land, luxury homes with unique layouts, or simply highlighting brand new features like a roof,” Stall explained. “The more visual aids you have, the better, especially in today’s digital world, where most real estate browsing is done online.”

Navigating the Drone Landscape
But how exactly do agents incorporate drones into their marketing strategy? Savoie outlined the process, emphasizing the importance of understanding the agent’s vision.

“We work closely with the Realtor to determine their goals and objectives,” she said. “Whether it’s capturing wide-angle shots of the property or showcasing surrounding amenities, our aim is to bring their vision to life.”

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While drones have become widely available, Stall noted the importance of working with a professional.

“One of my clients is a director of photography with a commercial drone operator’s license,” Stall said. “His expertise has been invaluable in capturing stunning footage that truly enhances our marketing efforts.”

Elevating the Marketing Game
While some choose to hire out, other real estate agents are taking a more active approach and expanding their skillset.

“Drones are becoming more accessible, and many Realtors are obtaining pilot licenses to tap into this lucrative market,” Stall said, while Savoie went so far as to call drones an “invaluable tool in any Realtor’s arsenal.”

Navigating Challenges and Looking Ahead
Despite the numerous benefits of drone usage in real estate, challenges remain. Stall pointed to the costs associated with hiring licensed drone operators.

“It’s essential to work with professionals who have the necessary certifications to ensure compliance with regulations,” he advised.

Savoie also acknowledged regulatory hurdles, noting restrictions on altitude imposed by the FAA and potential neighborhood regulations.

“Realtors must navigate these challenges carefully to avoid legal issues,” she cautioned. “Additionally, not all properties may benefit from aerial footage, so it’s essential to assess each case individually.”

Both experts foresee drones becoming a standard strategy in selling real estate.
“As technology continues to evolve, drones will likely become an integral part of the real estate marketing toolkit,” Savoie predicted.

Drew Hawkins is a writer and journalist in New Orleans. He’s the health equity reporter in the Gulf States Newsroom, a collaboration among public radio stations in Louisiana (WWNO and WRKF), Alabama (WBHM) and Mississippi (MPB-Mississippi Public Broadcasting) and NPR. He’s also the producer and host of Micro, a LitHub podcast for short but powerful writing.

Drew Hawkins

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