New Advancement in Breast Reconstruction Surgery Now Available in New Orleans

Local surgeons are trained in a unique new surgical technique designed to Potentially restore sensation after a mastectomy

NEW ORLEANS – One of the latest advances in breast reconstruction surgery is now available in New Orleans. Details were shared in a press release.

ReSensation is a new surgical method designed to potentially restore sensation after a mastectomy. Dr. Kamran Khoobehi and Dr. Jules Walters of Khoobehi & Associates Plastic Surgery are working together as the first plastic surgeons in the New Orleans area to offer this pioneering technique to women in the region.

During a mastectomy, nerves that provide sensation to the breast are cut when breast tissue is removed. These damaged nerves are traditionally left unrepaired during breast reconstruction, leaving a woman’s chest numb. The ReSensation technique makes it possible to connect nerves in the newly restored breast, offering the potential for women to regain sensation. Resensation can be performed as part of autologous (natural tissue) breast reconstruction.

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This latest innovation is part of the doctors’ commitment to superior breast cancer care for women, paired with cosmetic and aesthetic excellence that offers improved outcomes to help patients feel normal after a mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

“We have been reconstructing breasts for years and achieving incredible cosmetic results, but our patients were forfeiting sensation in the process. Most women accepted this trade-off — not being able to feel the warmth of a shower or a hug — believing they had no other option,” said Walters. “Thanks to this advancement, which we consider to be the last frontier in breast reconstruction, we can potentially help our patients regain sensation and enjoy fuller post-cancer lives.”

The procedure is made possible by medical device company Axogen and its portfolio of surgical solutions for peripheral nerve repair, including the Avance nerve graft. Avance nerve graft is a processed nerve allograft that provides a bridge to connect nerves in the chest that are cut during a mastectomy to nerves in the restored breast. Over time, the allograft nerve tissue becomes a part of the patient’s body.

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“This new ReSensation technique allows us to combine all available surgical solutions — from plastic surgery principles to advanced microsurgery methods — to help our patients feel whole again after a mastectomy,” said Khoobehi. “Having the ability to offer our patients the potential of sensation allows us to take breast reconstruction to the next level.”

Khoobehi and Walters are also committed to educating cancer patients to ensure they are aware of their reconstruction options. According to a recent study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, only 23 percent of women understand the wide range of breast reconstruction options available.

“I believe it is our responsibility as doctors to make sure every breast cancer patient in the New Orleans area understands her options for reconstruction. I am proud that we can now offer access to pioneering surgical treatments that can significantly improve quality of life and help these patients return to normal after a diagnosis,” Walters said.

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