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John P. LeBlanc

CEO | Metairie Bank

John P. LeBlanc

CEO | Metairie Bank
Fun Fact
This is actually my second dream job; my first dream job was to be a record store owner. I worked in a record store all throughout college. Considering what happened to a lot of record stores since I was in college, it’s a good thing I stuck with Finance!


What have been your biggest challenges? Biggest successes?
Both questions prompt a similar answer: Hurricane Katrina. While Hurricane Katrina was a collective challenge amongst most New Orleanians, the hurricane taught me a lot of things, most important of which was compassion, determination, resilience and hope. All four of these attributes were integral in not only persevering through the hurricane but coming out the other side successfully as well. It’s these qualities that I’ve retained since the hurricane that have allowed me, both personally and professionally, to remain adaptable in the face of adversity.

How do you maintain balance between your personal and professional life?
Throughout my career I’ve found that keeping my personal and professional lives completely detached from one another can be difficult. Instead, I try not to exclude one from the other. Although I don’t bring work challenges home with me, I do believe it’s healthy to share successes and positive updates from the workplace with my family. Similarly, I keep my colleagues up to date with my family and friends and encourage them to share news from their lives too. In my opinion, intertwining in some capacity one’s personal and professional life can help to humanize a work environment and contribute to a positive work culture.

Which changes or innovations do you hope to see for your company or industry in the next five years?
Serving as the bank of personal service for 75 years, Metairie Bank has been and will always be dedicated to providing high-quality customer service. The dynamism comes into play when you examine how the banking industry, like any other industry, is constantly evolving its delivery channels. I remember installing the very first ATM at a bank where I worked and it was considered groundbreaking at the time, whereas in the present day, almost every financial service is available on a smartphone. This evolution clearly depicts the rapid developments of delivery channels in the industry.

While I expect the technological advancements in delivery channels to continue in the coming years, the core services and exceptional customer care that we provide will always remain the same. Whether it be assisting clients in their financial planning, executing a home purchase or navigating insurance options, Metairie Bank and the industry at large will always offer these services, the delivery method will just continue to evolve as technology advances.

In your experience, what are the keys to maintaining a healthy and productive company culture?
The key ingredient to a healthy, happy company culture is providing employees with a sense of belonging. Communicating to employees that they are valued, they belong in their role, and that they are entirely a part of the company’s success is critical in creating and preserving a workplace culture that fosters productivity and avoids burnout. Realistically, every employee contributes to furthering a company towards its goals, so actively recognizing their important role only furthers a sense of belonging and enthusiasm.

Who have been some of the greatest influences on your career or leadership style?
To list individuals by name would take too long, but my family and my personal belief system played a major role in keeping me on the path that led to my current career and professional success. The most pivotal determinants in my 30 years in banking were the people who gave me opportunities early on. All any of us can ask for is the chance to prove ourselves, and the opportunities I was given allowed me to establish myself within the industry. Now in an executive leadership role, I aim to provide others the opportunities that I was given.




Metairie Bank
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