How Do You Feel About Hard Work?

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NEW ORLEANS – Many affluent businesspeople have said hard work was a key to their success. What does that really mean; how are they measuring hard work? Are they referring to developing callouses and blisters on your hands and feet, pulling muscles in your back, or developing extreme tension in your neck and shoulders? Not necessarily. The truth is they are referring to an intense level of focus on a task while blocking out all the external distractions and criticism until breakthrough is achieved. Hard work is more a function of focused effort than time elapsed. It is a commitment to providing your best effort and “Never Giving Less Than Your Best.”

Take note of how you feel when someone tells you that hard work is critical to your long-term growth and development.Do you get encouraged or discouraged? It is easy to be discouraged when someone in an elevated position talks to you about work ethic. You might say to yourself, or even to them, “Of course I would be working harder if I were VP, CEO or owner of the company.” A key fact that you would be overlooking is that the person was not always a top executive. The current VP, CEO or owner was once an intern, a helper in a restaurant kitchen, a stock person for a grocery store or any other entry level position. However, his or her commitment to excel while working menial jobs eventually led to an elevated position such as VP, CEO or owner. This may seem farfetched to you from a distance without proper knowledge of the underlying backstory. You must learn that implementing a strong work ethic will pay off because our society loves people who execute with a spirit of excellence. Our society recognizes and rewards people for their dedication. And though it might not be an immediate reward, you will be rewarded.

Commit to the process of hard work. Seek endurance for the long run; put your head down and keep working until you cannot hear the outside noise. Your hard work will produce viable opportunities. Vince Lombardi once said, “The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.”

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Ryan E. Burks is the President and CEO of RYCARS Construction, LLC – a regional specialty contractor with a core competency in commercial roofing applications.


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