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EO Spotlight: Brandon Smith

Managing Partner, Flexicrew Technical Services  •  EO Member Since 2017

For Brandon Smith, running a successful staffing company is more than just numbers and strategy — it’s about people.

In addition to forming relationships with the right clients, he is responsible for supplying them with qualified and motivated employees, as well as building an internal team that can make both those things happen without a hitch.

Without the right people, even the strongest business models are subject to fail, and Smith has made the development of a strong personal foundation one of his top priorities at Flexicrew Technical Services. It’s simply not enough to operate based on traditional business rules; the principles and values that each individual brings to the table are integral to a business’s success.

It’s a lesson Smith picked up quickly in his time with EO Louisiana, and one that came from an unlikely source. At an EO event in 2017, former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow delivered a speech about rules versus principles, and Smith said that as a Houstonian native who witnessed the fall of Enron, the message rang clear.

“[Fastow] really offered a different view point on how big companies run,” Smith said. “He made observations about how the ambiguity and complexity of laws and regulations breeds opportunity for problematic decisions. He discussed what questions corporate directors, management, attorneys and accountants should ask in order to ensure that their companies not only follow the rules, but to also uphold the principles behind them.”

For someone like Smith – whose professional career has been built on observing, analyzing and acting on market trends and demands – such lessons are invaluable, making EO Louisiana even more important to his growth.

Of course, starting Flexicrew Technical Services was not without its risks, and EO has been an outlet for open communication, advice and professional betterment. When starting the company, he and his partner noticed a need for professional and technical staffing. Once they saw this need, they couldn’t simply look away from it.

“We didn’t have a choice but to make this new company a success,” Smith said. “Day one was jumping in the trenches.”

The team certainly had a few obstacles to overcome, most prominent among them the lack of brand recognition. They were starting from scratch, and the first challenge to was to let consumers know that their services were even available. But the team persisted, and it wasn’t long before they were gearing up for success.

“Good ol’ fashion hard work got the job done,” Smith said. “Getting on the phones and talking with decision makers, setting appointments and being resilient. This takes time. We focused on driving good activity and providing excellent candidates.”

Now, Flexicrew Technical Services is well established as a provider of exceptional industry employees. It was one of 2014’s Fastest Growing Staffing Companies and received the Best of Staffing – Client award in 2016 and 2017. That doesn’t mean that Flexicrew Technical Services – or Smith – are done growing.

As an EO Louisiana member, Smith is not only focused on picking up best business practices and institutional knowledge, but in also becoming a more well-rounded individual.

“I feel EO makes me a better business owner,” Smith said. “Everything is built around trust and respect, which allows for open dialogue. As a leader, you must always learn how to be better, and this is possible through continued learning. Learning from other business owners is wonderful, and I look forward to my forum meetings each month.”

His learning seems to be on the right track, as Smith is already considering how he can pay forward the success he and his company have experienced since Flexicrew Technical Services launched.

“Putting our team in the best position for success is my goal,” he said. “We want our internal employees to grow with us, and we want to offer long-term career opportunities. Not only that, we want to help our clients find the right candidates, so they can enjoy that same relationship.”


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