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Entergy’s Energy Smart Program Brings Cost Conscious Innovation to New Orleans

Offering comprehensive energy efficiency at no cost to the consumer, Entergy’s Energy Smart program incentivizes Entergy New Orleans customers to perform energy-saving upgrades in their homes and businesses. Devised in 2010 by the New Orleans City Council and administered by Entergy New Orleans, this innovative initiative works with residents, business owners, facility managers, and trade ally contractors to identify opportunities and provide cash incentives for completing eligible upgrades with measurable/verifiable energy savings. As of 2024, the program has awarded $43.7 million in initiatives, served over 113,000 homes and businesses, and saved the city 350.3 kWh in power.

These incentives from the Energy Smart program can seem to almost be too good to be true, with as much as 100% of costs covered for qualified projects. Partnerships throughout the Greater New Orleans area have learned firsthand the value of this program and are spreading the good word about the long-term energy and monetary savings just waiting to be claimed.

One of Energy Smart’s key trade allies is Synergy Building Solutions, a local New Orleans-area dealer that provides innovative, cost-effective control solutions and web-based facility automation across a spectrum of facility types. For the past six years, Synergy has partnered with the Energy Smart program to install building automation systems or upgrade existing systems into modern facilities.

“By partnering with trade allies like Synergy, we can help business owners uncover opportunities to reduce energy use and save on electric bills,” said Derek Mills, manager of Entergy New Orleans’ demand-side management programs. “We value the ongoing partnership with Synergy and all of the Energy Smart trade allies and appreciate their commitment to our customers. Together, we will continue to provide businesses with energy-saving solutions that help their bottom line and the environment.”

One of Synergy’s project focus areas is the revitalization of the City Park Conservancy and Arbor Room. A stunning event venue for weddings and corporate events, this fountain view space was in desperate need of an upgrade of its HVAC systems. While often these problems might have been left abandoned to siphon wasted energy, through the Energy Smart program, Synergy was contacted to tackle the issue with a long-term, energy-efficient solution.

“In the past, some decisions were made that seemed cost effective at the time without fully understanding the impact to the future says William Murphy, facilities manager for City Park. “But through our partnership with the Synergy and the Energy Smart program, now everything is getting more efficient, with fewer lasting issues. City Park is becoming more energy efficient, with HVAC replacements and upgrades now happening throughout the park.”

With additional City Park projects currently underway, including upgrading the water features at City Putt, the Synergy/Energy Smart program has led to massive improvements and a desire for long-term partnership.

“Overall, it has been an excellent working relationship,” says Murphy. “We would be ready to partner up again anytime.”

To learn more about the Energy Smart program and how your home or business can benefit from these incredible savings, visit, and find out how you can apply.

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