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Darlene Lockhart

CPA, CEO | Xplore Federal Credit Union

Darlene Lockhart

CPA, CEO | Xplore Federal Credit Union
Fun Fact
Although I have absolutely no musical talent, I serve of the Board of a community ministry that encourages youths to individually grow and flourish through music lessons. 

What initially attracted you to the industry? Does this still hold true?

The credit union industry is driven by a purpose that extends across the globe: people helping people. Even before entering the industry, I found this purpose resonated with my desire to make a positive difference in the world through my career. Credit unions have a commitment to their members and communities to provide products and services that benefit them in every stage of life. I’ve been working in the credit union industry for thirty years now, and I still see this passion to help others and dedication to service every day at Xplore Federal Credit Union.

How do you think your personal beliefs and goals align with your company’s mission?

I’ve always held the belief that I should use my talents and personal abilities to make a positive impact in the world, one person at a time. Similarly, I believe Xplore Federal Credit Union is fulfilling this mission by serving our members and helping to improve their financial well-being. In addition to empowering people to take control of their finances and create financial success, we play a role in bettering our community. Xplore Federal Credit Union is involved in projects, partnerships and memberships that give back to the communities where our members live and thrive. We sponsor financial education for local high schools, sponsor local nonprofits to improve the lives of our community members, and are involved in regional organizations uplifting business communities.  

What challenges are currently affecting your industry? Do you foresee any potential solutions?

As with so many other industries, the post-pandemic economy poses its unique challenges to businesses and individuals alike. Obstacles like the nation-wide labor shortages, increasing prices, inflation, and rising interest rates are all significantly affecting the credit union industry as well as our members. While these factors pose a challenge, I believe there are always solutions to be found. Xplore Federal Credit Union prides itself on its 70 years of experience and providing our members with innovative financial solutions. In remaining open to learning new ways of doing business and staying adaptable in the face of constant change, we can discover creative methods to deliver services to our members unique needs. 

What advice do you have for productively handling professional conflict?

There are a number of attributes that contribute to conflict resolution in the workplace. When running into any form of professional conflict, creating a line of open communication is crucial to resolving issues. Additionally, I find that being willing to accept new ideas and learning new ways of doing things can not only help to resolve conflict, but ensures a company stays on the cutting edge of the times. Flexibility is also a key component. Making an active effort to understand others and their perspectives not only leads to solving issues, but overall, contributes to a healthier workplace culture and leadership style.

What is something you wish someone told you at the beginning of your career?

Throughout the three decades I’ve worked in the credit industry, I’ve grown professionally and personally, and learned more than we have room to discuss.  One lesson I’ve learned to live by, however, is to not take myself too seriously. While the failure of an idea or a plan can feel disheartening at times, it simply serves as an opportunity for growth. Mistakes and setbacks are an inevitable part of life, and instead of viewing every one of them as a failure, take it as a part of the human experience, a chance to learn, and an opportunity to improve.



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