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Prioritizing fairness and versatility benefits every project and its stakeholders.

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We won’t simply adapt for survival—we will adapt to increase the positive impact we can have on our customers, staff, and all of our vendors. Ryan D. Mayer, Owner

Mayer Building Company’s quality reputation stems from its core values, and fairness, trust, and first-class projects have come to be expected of this New Orleans builder and general contractor. The company prides itself on being a small, local contractor with the internal processes of a large-scale company and the ability to deliver one-on-one attention. Named a 2020 “Excellence in Construction and Real Estate” honoree by New Orleans CityBusiness, Mayer Building Co. has completed a variety of projects across Greater New Orleans in commercial construction and historic renovations, hospitality, retail, office, and design/build. Testimonials from an extensive client list shows the company’s commitment to keeping projects on schedule and on budget while honoring New Orleans’ heritage and historic architecture.

In what ways are you thriving and pushing forward as a business as the economy reopens?
We have and will continue to focus on people over projects, relationships over volume, and—most importantly—versatility. Because of the pent-up demand due to COVID-19, we are seeing a fast-paced flurry of construction activity and related work. We are thriving thanks to our existing company culture of providing fairness while also relying on our versatility. We are not a large, glacial general contractor with an entrenched, “the-way-we-always-do-it” mentality.

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Currently, the market we are in is not only demanding new improvements but also heightened speed and delivery dates. We are constantly looking for work-arounds for schedule issues, supply chain issues, labor shortages. We have an open, collegial atmosphere among staff, which fosters creativity and encourages all staff members to present ideas and solutions. Our versatility also stems from a sincere cultivation of subcontractor relationships, paying quickly, and approaching our subs with open, fair, and receptive attitudes.

How have you maintained a sense of company culture? Has it changed?
Though the company culture starts with me, it must also be said that it wouldn’t exist without the staff expressly or intrinsically embracing it. So while my staff may appreciate Mayer Building Company’s core values of integrity, transparency and (cost) value, these three things (also summarized as “fairness”) must also be in who they are.

Maintaining fairness and keeping it in the front of the minds of Mayer Building Company’s managers is easy for us. We use open-book strategies; we listen to customers. We advocate for customers through contract instruments, general advice, and warm customer relationship building. Do we have customers that need more than to take my word for it? Of course, we do. Our clean administration of the work—combined with open-book strategies—not only proves our fairness but also helps the jobs run smoother.

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Do you anticipate your business or industry will change in any way as the community fully reopens? If so, how?
We have already seen changes surface here in New Orleans in marketing strategy, bidding nuances, labor pool struggles, and supply chain issues. While not all of these changes are conclusively positive or easy to navigate at the moment, our outlook is that Mayer Building Company and businesses like it will become more competitive, responsive, and resilient.

If businesses like Mayer can continue to satisfy and advocate for customers while making money in these strange and difficult times, what great things will we be able to perform when changes in the industry changes become the norm? When difficulties persist, businesses like Mayer have two choices: adapt or die. My goal is not only to remain fair throughout the course of doing business but also to be versatile enough to adapt. We won’t simply adapt for survival—we will adapt to increase the positive impact we can have on our customers, staff, and all of our vendors.


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Mayer Building Company
1000 North Broad Street
New Orleans
(504) 315-8423

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