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Cruising is Hotter Than Ever

Photo courtesy American Queen Steamboat Company   New Orleans’ cruise industry has exploded in the past 10 years. Between the huge ocean liners sailing downriver to...

Building the Future Workforce Today

As technology rapidly changes the way we live and work, there’s a conversation taking place in education about preparing the workforce of the future....

The Fab Five

A combination of commercial and residential real estate growth is transforming communities across Southeast Louisiana. Whether it’s a new option for affordable family living...

New Apps You Should Know

We’ve all heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” But while there are currently over 2.2 million apps available for iOS and 2.6...

Could Hourly Legal Billing Someday Be a Thing of the Past?

Hourly billing has traditionally been the most common way lawyers charge for their time and expertise. That hourly rate is often broken down into...

Think Jingle Bells This June

  As the calendar creeps toward the start of summer, most people are thinking about graduations and vacation. But June is actually a great time...
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One Size Does Not Fit All

  When shopping for a t-shirt or pair of pants, what’s designed for a man might not fit properly on a woman. It’s the same...

Think Before You Click

  We’re living in an age of do-it-yourself. Thanks to the internet, instead of hiring a travel agent or a tax preparer, you can book...

Rates and Regulations On the Move

  Policies during the first two years of the Trump administration have been a mixed bag when it comes to the banking and finance industries....

Blending Old and New

As New Orleans celebrates its tricentennial, the city is both honoring its architectural past and embracing the future with contemporary designs that coexist with...

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Follow the issues, companies and people that matter most to business in New Orleans.

Follow the issues, companies and people that matter most to business in New Orleans.

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