Drew Hawkins

Drew Hawkins is an award-winning journalist and writer in New Orleans. He's the producer and host of "Micro," a podcast for short but powerful writing. You can find his work on NPR, The Guardian, LitHub and elsewhere.


Sound Bytes

In New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, another movement is gaining momentum — the harmonious convergence of finance and technology known as FinTech. The...

Carnival Without Consequences

Right now, Mardi Gras Indians are putting the final touches on their hand-crafted, elaborately-beaded costumes, krewes are organizing their floats and riders, and thousands...

Learning by Doing

In order to master an instrument, you can’t just study music theory and memorize the notes and chords. It’s not enough to know where...

Back to the Source

  At the heart of New Orleans’ economy is a diverse and thriving cultural sector that encompasses music, food, art and heritage. This cultural economy, though...

Legislative Sessions Recap

Gary Smith (Senator) Senator Gary Smith is dedicated to the service of the 19th District, encompassing Jefferson, Lafourche, St. Charles, and St. John the Baptist...

Mixing Business with Family

Running a family business can be a rewarding journey, but, as anyone who’s done it will tell you, it comes with challenges. This is...
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Sailing Toward Sustainability

The maritime industry stands at a crossroads, a juncture where commerce meets conscience. As the world seeks solutions to climate change, Louisiana has embraced...

Keys to New Orleans Property

Buying property in New Orleans comes with challenges as unique as the city itself. With its eclectic mix of historic neighborhoods and architectural styles,...

Museum Moves

New Orleans, a cultural cauldron of history and artistic expression, has long been celebrated for its enchanting museums that preserve the essence of the...

From Potholes to Portfolios

The financial challenges New Orleanians face can be as bumpy and difficult to navigate as some of the city’s streets. Affordable housing, access to...

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Follow the issues, companies and people that matter most to business in New Orleans.

Follow the issues, companies and people that matter most to business in New Orleans.

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