Drew Hawkins


How Women Are Leading The Charge In Sustainable Finance

Women are carving out their space, challenging stereotypes and driving positive change in an industry long dominated by men. From pioneering innovative financial instruments to...

How Two Area Programs Are Taking Different Approaches To Address Inequities For Women

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2022 women in New Orleans earned, on average, 77.3% compared to men, reflecting not only a...

New Orleans’ Landmark Cases That Shape the Course of American Society

With one foot in the past and the other in the present, the Crescent City has been a crucible for some of the most...

Why Drone Use in Real Estate Marketing has Risen to Record Levels

In the competitive world of real estate, every edge counts. With the rise of technology, agents are constantly seeking innovative ways to market properties...

Odyssey House Louisiana Caring for the Community

New Orleans is a collection of communities, and it’s at the community level where health disparities, access and outcomes are most apparent — and...

Digital Preservation: How Technology is Safeguarding New Orleans’ Cultural Heritage

In many ways New Orleans is living, breathing history. But like anything else, that history has to be protected and maintained for future generations. Preservation...
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Cruising Along

The first paddlewheel steamboat docked in New Orleans in 1812, and ever since, the Crescent City has been one of the world’s biggest cruise...

Building Hope

It’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans, which is a time of celebration. But the vibrant colors, boisterous marching bands, decadent desserts, and larger-than-life characters...

Sound Bytes

In New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, another movement is gaining momentum — the harmonious convergence of finance and technology known as FinTech. The...

Carnival Without Consequences

Right now, Mardi Gras Indians are putting the final touches on their hand-crafted, elaborately-beaded costumes, krewes are organizing their floats and riders, and thousands...

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Follow the issues, companies and people that matter most to business in New Orleans.

Follow the issues, companies and people that matter most to business in New Orleans.

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