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Jacquie Bonano, Owner

“Shopping local is going to be so important to the recovery of our local economy.”

JB Communications creates website to support local-owned businesses

During the 25 years that JB Communications has been in operation, JBC has helped countless local, out-of-state, and national clients improve their efficiency, visibility, and branding. Jacquie Bonano and her team offer integrated marketing, creative content, digital marketing, public relations, and web design services as prime mechanisms to help companies tell their unique stories, further positioning clients in the public eye and ensuring their long-term sustainability and growth. As they guided their clients through the murky marketing waters of COVID-19, they realized that there was more that they could do to help provide all local businesses with resources that support their Public Relations Crisis Management Plans and brand visibility. JB Communications is launching, an innovative, free database of verified local-owned businesses in the Greater New Orleans area. Their goal is to aid locally owned businesses in their recovery efforts with a free verified listing.

In what ways are you thriving and pushing forward as a business during COVID-19?

Our focus has always been on supporting businesses that need guidance while strengthening their brand and improving their visibility. Our digital portfolio has grown during this shutdown. We wanted to take it a step further to do our part to help the local economy by using what we know about our industry to create, a comprehensive directory that will help shoppers identify locally owned businesses in an easily navigable format. One of the things we worked really hard to accomplish during COVID-19, was keeping our clients visible through search engines, social media, and local resources. During our research, we discovered that it is not easy to find an extensive list of verified locally owned businesses to patronize in the Greater New Orleans area. During times of crisis, it is imperative that businesses have more resources at their disposal to stay visible in the public eye. launched with over 1,000 listings, and local owned businesses can claim or add their listing for free.

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Are there any lessons you have learned?

Many of the important lessons we learned during Katrina were useful for JB Communications and our clients as we navigated COVID-19. When the state governments began to announce closures, we went into overdrive and contacted our client base to assist with their communications and crisis plans. The most successful clients were those who had a predetermined Public Relations Crisis Management Plan in place beforehand. These clients were those who prioritized their digital presence, social media, and access to predetermined communication channels. This strategy includes making sure customer lists are updated and easily accessible. Those who did not plan ahead inevitably ran into roadblocks with internal and public communication. Disorganization, as we’ve observed, can be crippling to a business that is unprepared for the worst. The crisis has opened a lot of business owner’s eyes and has given us the opportunity to refine the crisis management plans and digital assets for clients who did not initially make it a priority.

Do you anticipate your business will change in any way when the community opens back up? If so, how?

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Since our inception, JB Communications has stayed ahead of the curve with modern marketing advancements. We started when traditional media was the primary means of business promotion and adapted as the marketing industry expanded tremendously by way of digital marketing. is a product of this knowledge and passion for advanced marketing. Our team had the ability and tools to create a resource that everyone can use during and after the reopening of the Greater New Orleans area. Shopping local is going to be so important to the recovery of our local economy, and we are so excited about the opportunity to support our local-owned businesses by developing a free, comprehensive directory. For us, the takeaway is that if you see a need for change in your industry, it is entirely possible to help implement that change. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of elbow grease.



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