Biz Leaders

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Biz Leaders is an educational leadership professional development program for today’s supervisors, with instantly useable content presented in a way that sticks! The workshop is created to fill the needs of today’s leaders with fresh and contemporary content for challenging leadership situations. It is presented in a memorable, interactive way that lasts.

In addition to a fast-paced, fun-filled four-hour workshop, each attendee will automatically enroll as a Biz Leaders cohort with full access to updated online information, quarterly webinars, and social events. You’ll meet and learn from others’ experience shares. You will become part of a unique group of Biz Leaders.

Attendee Testimonial

“It’s a small setting, which is impactful because you get a much more customized, personal session- tailored to what you need…I wanted to learn more about managing results without micromanaging employees. In the class, you’ll speak up and speak often about what you’re hoping to get out of it, and experience share with the group your struggles and strengths. It really is valuable to people who are eager to grow and be developed. The class is fun, informative, and impactful. “

Sierra Davis, Technical Recruiter & Marketing – Flexicrew Technical Services (fts)

“I really enjoyed the session, and I learned a lot of tips with being a successful leader. It was a very informative session, and Matt did an excellent job conveying the information to the everyone, discussing Working Genius, and a fantastic job keeping everyone’s attention and making the information fun and relatable. I would highly recommend leaders to take this course, and you find out more about yourself as a leader in doing so.”

Jordan Scott, CPA, MS – Manager Tax Services – LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors

“This training has equipped me with valuable knowledge and tools, enabling me to enhance my leadership capabilities significantly. I wholeheartedly endorse this training.”

James Clarke – TES Consulting

“I learned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses through – BizLeaders. The coaching provided, within the framework of the Working Genius, was also excellent and encouraged everyone in the room to reflect on how to best put their own strengths to good use.”

Meghan Donelon – Red River Bank

“Biz Leaders provided an impactful, informative environment for me to continue my growth as a manager and leader. We learned tools on how to increase employee productivity, recruit and retain the right people and empower our employees. I would highly recommend Biz Leaders to any manager seeking professional development and working towards being the best leader they can be.”

Ruth W. Lawson – Jefferson Chamber of Commerce

“Participating in the Biz Leaders session exceeded my expectations. Grateful for the experience to gain insight and skills that I can apply within my organization. Highly recommend aspiring leaders to enhance their leadership journey.”

Mandy B. Rogers – University of Holy Cross

“Today was an amazing experience. I left so motivated and with so much gained knowledge that I can’t wait to apply to my day to day work. I am excited to continue the journey with my cohort. “

Shayne Latter – Communities in Schools Gulf South

“I enjoyed the session. It was good information and tools that I plan on implementing and using in my professional life moving forward.”

Angie Palmer – Fidelity Bank

“The BizLeaders Cohort was a great experience for not only leaders that manage others, but also professionals looking to be leaders within their organization. I am not a manager today, but I learned how to work with colleagues more effectively. I pinpointed a few processes that were slowing me down that I can improve upon as well. There was never a dull moment, but the exercises were also never overwhelming. I’d recommend this cohort to any professional!”

Mallory L. Bouslog – Marketron